Family increases reward, holds vigil for man killed near Cleveland Clinic

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CLEVELAND - For nearly a year and a half, a family has shed tears and felt pain over the unsolved murder of a man who lost his life, trying to save another.  There is now new hope that someone may help police find the man who killed a Cleveland Clinic technician on his way to work.

Cleveland police have received few leads to help them find the person who killed Stephen Halton, Jr., 30.  Crimestoppers is now offering a $20,000 reward, hoping it compels someone with information to come forward.

Family, friends, community activists, and members of law enforcement gathered in unity Wednesday evening for a rally and vigil in front of a new billboard at East 152nd Street and Waterloo Road.  It is asking for an answer to one question. Who killed Stephen Halton Jr.?

"Somebody is watching and somebody know exactly who murdered our son on the streets of Cleveland, not too far from here," said Stephen Halton Sr., the victim’s father.

"We decided within the family that it would be best in the neighborhood because the killer may even be looking at the billboard himself, for lack of a better word, if it torments him to see it, for him to see it every day, that's what I want to do to make someone talk," said Halton’s mother, Sheila Halton.

Around 4:30 a.m. January 11, 2014, Stephen Halton was waiting for a bus near Grovewood Avenue and Lakeshore Boulevard when he was gunned down.

He was a technician at the Cleveland Clinic and had been called in to assist with a liver transplant.

"What if this were you? You would want someone out there to speak, you would want someone out there to say something," Tanesha Halton.

Halton left behind a young daughter and son, now just 4 and 6.

They joined the group that marched and chanted down East 152nd to the bus stop where Stephen was murdered.

The intersection is now named in his memory. His loved released balloons in the air to make sure the community knows he won't be forgotten.

"This is the first time I'm seeing this sign and actually being in the spot where my husband was killed and it's still a sad occassion, but at the same time I feel relief and joy 'cause I know that there are people out there working for us," said his wife, Shareese Halton.

Police ask that anyone with information call homicide investigators at 216-623-5464 or Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463.