Why Caitlyn Jenner spells her name with a ‘C’, not a ‘K’

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150601125358-bruce-jenner-caitlyn-vanity-fair-cover-stelter-live-lv-00002316-exlarge-1691NEW YORK – There’s a reason that Caitlyn Jenner chose to spell her first name with the letter “C” and not a “K” – she simply wants a clean break from the “Kardashian moniker”.

According to TMZ, she wants to truly become her own person and spelling her name with the Kardashain K wouldn’t really give her a clean break from the family. There are apparently no ill feelings between her and the family. It’s just an issue of self-identity.

And if you are wondering just where the lingerie that Caitlyn wore for her now infamous Vanity Fair cover came from, it’s from a West Hollywood store called “Trashy Lingerie”. TMZ also reports that Caitlyn’s stylist went to the store looking for a specific type of corset and walked out with three for her to choose from. The chosen corset is a plain, satin nude-colored top with matching panties. The total price tag for the three items: over $1,000.