Call for Action: couple gets wedding of their dreams after fire

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WOODMERE, Ohio - Chase and Nicole Oberfield got carried away with happiness Saturday night as they emerged from behind a curtain at Eton Chagrin Boulevard, the bride beaming as her groom carried her over his shoulder into the room.  The newly married couple was surrounded by those they loved most, while people they’d never met filled their day with memories made of magic.

“I’ve been to a few weddings and this is one of the more beautiful weddings I ever been to,” said Chase Oberfield.

The Oberfield’s might not have had their special day were it not for the generosity of Stark Enterprises, owner of Eton Chagrin Boulevard in Woodmere, and other local businesses.

“We heard the story of Nicole and Chase’s wedding on Fox8 and just really wanted to do something to help,” said Lisa Schwan, Director of Communications.

It was March 12th, the morning of the Madison Country Club fire, when Nicole’s parents, Tim and Mary Lou Stone, shared with Fox8 viewers the pain they felt, knowing they could not help their daughter who’d spent every penny on a reception at the burned out Club.  Tim had lost his job, an aneurism prevented May Lou from working and the couple was about to lose their home to foreclosure.  Stark’s executives were watching and reached out to their partners at Eton.

“We said we have this crazy idea, we want to throw a wedding in two months, are you able to help us?” remembered Schwan.

Event Source, a Cleveland company specializing in rental products for special events, said yes to providing tables and chairs, linens, dinnerware and decorations.

Bravo Cucina Italiana committed to a buffet style dinner for 130 people.

Vegan Sweet Tooth, located inside the upscale mall, created the wedding cake.

Trader Joe’s offered  flowers.

Gifts were provided by Penzeys Spices and Thomas R. Riley Galleries while Classic Piano, a piano rental service, filled Eton with music.

It was an evening filled with joy, as well as the joy of giving.  The bride, the groom and their parents could not have been more grateful to Stark Enterprises, Event Source and Eton’s partners at the Chagrin Boulevard mall.

“It’s incredible, just incredible,” said Jane Oberfield, mother of the groom.

“Made a wonderful day, thank you,” said the father of the groom, Chuck Oberfield.

“Had it not been for TV8 coming out, this would not have been possible for Niki and Chase,” said Mary Lou Stone.

“Very grateful,” added the father of the bride.

“Oh… extremely, we’ve been blessed,” beamed the mother of the bride, her happiness mirrored in the faces of loved ones attending the reception; especially that of her daughter and new son-in-law, Chase.

“It was awesome,” said the groom.