Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic wishes best for residents in final press conference

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AKRON, Ohio - After serving the City for over 40 years, Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic held his final press conference Friday.

Plusquellic announced his resignation earlier this month. It will become effective at midnight on May 31. City Council President Garry Moneypenny will be sworn in as Akron's 60th mayor on Sunday.

In his resignation letter, Plusquellic cited an ongoing dispute with one councilman and his view of the coverage from the local paper as factoring in to his reasons for resigning.

He also said that he wishes the best for all Akron residents.

“I hope they know that I did my best and truly cared for our City.  And they will know why I will never apologize for fighting for Akron residents to get the jobs and the education they need, or for simply telling the truth,” Plusquellic also added.

Read the mayor’s entire resignation letter here

Ann Domeck May 29, 20152:40 pm

The mayor says he is fortunate to have worked with most hard-working, dedicated professionals during his time as mayor.

Ann Domeck May 29, 20152:49 pm

Plusquellic: I am leaving the city in someone who has leadership experience in this city. I wouldn’t  leave if I thought he (Garry Moneypenny) could do a good job.

Ann Domeck May 29, 20152:50 pm

Plusquellic: Today, 67% of the people of Akron are satisfied with city services. 66% are satisfied with police protection.

Ann Domeck May 29, 20152:52 pm

Plusquellic: 92% are satisfied with fire and EMS.

Ann Domeck May 29, 20152:53 pm

Plusquellic: 61% of Akron residents think that Summit County is going in the right direction.

Ann Domeck May 29, 20152:58 pm

Mayor’s office: The results of this poll we’ve been talking about show that people are very satisfied with the way Akron as a city is going.