Dozens of Brelo protesters appear in court, many plead to reduced charges

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Fifty-six people arrested during Saturday's protests appeared in court today.

Most were originally charged with failure to disperse, but many pleaded no contest to reduced charges of disorderly conduct. The protesters are also getting credit for time served over the weekend and will not be fined.

The protesters were among those who assembled after the verdict was announced in the trial of Officer Michael Brelo.

Brelo was found not guilty on all charges in connection with his role in the deadly 2012 police chase. He had been charged with two counts of voluntary manslaughter in the deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell.

Police Chief Calvin Williams said in allĀ  71 people were arrested in the downtown area Saturday night after the ruling.

The court agreed to open Monday to arraign some of the protesters. The court is normally closed on Memorial Day.

Some city officials are upset the protesters remain jailed over the weekend.

Councilman Zack Reed says he does not believe the protesters should have been held over the weekend. He says they should have been given a citation and ordered to appear in court at a later date.

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