‘He would say this is for everybody’: Family finally receives Purple Heart for loved one

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NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio-- It started as a simple request to donate a wheelchair to a veteran. Now, a Mantua family is receiving a medal their family member rightfully earned in World War II.

Scott Snyder reached out to FOX 8. He wanted to donate his father's wheelchair to a veteran.

When another veteran stepped up to help in the search, Snyder mentioned that he still wondered why his father, Sergeant William Snyder, never received a Purple Heart.

Wally Olhar did some investigating and today-- on Memorial Day-- a purple heart was presented to the family.

"I don't think there's words to describe how important this is, you know? Just to honor him and everybody who was over there who fought for us and were able to come home and those who didn't come home; he would say this is for everybody," Scott Snyder said.

In addition to the purple heart, the family also received other medals belonging to Sergeant William Snyder, which they say have been missing for years.

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