Surrarrer Elementary School is a Cool School!

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STRONGSVILLE - Surrarrer Elementary School in Strongsville has been recognized as an Excellent with Distinction school in the past and has now received an "A" rating on the state report card.  “There's a positive learning climate here at Surrarrer Elementary School. With that climate comes with a lot of hard work.  Certainly I congratulate our students for their exceptional achievement,” Superintendent John Krupinski said.

The mission at Surrarrer Elementary School is to motivate all individuals to learn by promoting and practicing the 3 R’s:  Responsibility, Respect for self and Respect for others. There is also a community approach to learning at Surrarrer. Intensive needs students are included in the classrooms.   And, the buddy program has fifth graders helping younger students with their studies. “”The first graders come to our room and they bring their science books and little projects on what they're learning and we help them read," fifth Grader Jamie Snell added.

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The teachers are always looking for interesting ways to encourage learning. “Not every elementary school has a Veggie U. These students get real hands on approach to learning about plants. “After we put the seeds in we water them and then the water helps them start to germinate.  Next, the stem starts popping out and forming the leaves.  And, they are definitely edible," third Grader Byron Bender said taking a bite of lettuce.

And, Surrarrer students develop an appreciation for the arts at a young age. "we learned about famous artists who liked painting flowers and so we made flower pots, too,” first Grader P.J. App said.

And, their pride is showing after Surrarrer Elementary was named this week’s Fox 8 Cool School.