Woman said she killed cat, kittens to teach grand kids a lesson

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Godfrey, IL (KTVI) -- A grandmother is behind bars in Madison County after investigators say she killed her granddaughter's cat and four kittens with a hammer, to teach her grand kids a lesson.

On Monday, the 13 year-old granddaughter opened the freezer, looking for a snack and made a nauseating discovery. There was her beloved cat, dead inside the freezer. The girl texted a relative who called police.

Madison County investigators arrived and asked the girl what happened. Her grandma immediately piped in.

Seventy-one year-old Josephine Bell said she killed the cat and its four kittens, all because the kids wouldn't clean their rooms.

Bell is now charged with aggravated animal cruelty and could face 1 to 3 years in prison.

"Without a substantial criminal history, she likely could be looking at probation and fines for this case," said Captain Mike Dixon. "But hopefully it brings about a change in demeanor, and this kind of behavior doesn't happen again for the benefit of these children, is what ultimately I think most of us would hope for."

Bell stated she killed the cats on Sunday, and threw the kittens in the garbage. They were never located by investigators.

It seems the well-being of the family pets was in question even before this cat-killing. Last week, investigators say Animal Control took a dog from the home, and offered to take the other animals as well, but the family refused.

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