Residents worry as six accidents occur within three days near Elyria construction zone

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ELYRIA, Ohio - A work zone has turned into a danger zone for drivers.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is warning people after half a dozen accidents occurred at the same location within three days.

“The problem is definitely the continuous changing nature of this work zone right now,” said Sgt. Timmothy Hoffman.

State Route 57 is always a high traffic area and normally averages 1-2 crashes per week, but between May 13th and May 16th those numbers skyrocketed in the area of S.R. 57, Griswold Rd and the I-90 on-ramp.

According to the traffic reports 17 vehicles were involved in 6 separate collisions; affecting about two dozen drivers and passengers; some who had to be transported to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

“Oh my goodness something’s going on,” said Renee Haywood who was involved in one of the accidents.

Wednesday the Elyria mom was still very sore and bruised; while her car was banged up and un-drivable. She says, the brake like was literally snapped because they hit the brakes so hard trying to avoid the crash; which still has her confused.

“She saw the green light, we saw the green light, the lady we hit saw a green light, and the car in front of her had a green light,” said Renee.

The green light situation is noted on the accident report and no one was cited, but it’s unclear what caused the problem.

Sgt. Hoffman says, they are talking with the Ohio Department of Transportation and construction company.

State Troopers are also warning people to be extra careful in the area until the construction project is completed this fall, because there are a number of potentially confusing and/or dangerous factors including the 50 mph speed limit, a new light at Griswold Road, and short merge ramps.

“There’s always a concern someone might get seriously hurt or killed,” said Sgt. Hoffman, “What we’re dong is increasing our patrols in the area especially during busy times of day in the morning and afternoon.”

Sgt. Hoffman says, ODOT and the construction company are continually updating the signs and changing the traffic patterns drivers may want to slow down or avoid the area altogether.