Know Your Enemy: Inside the criminal mind to keep your family safe

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We're digging deeper into the minds of hardened criminals to help you stay safe and we're doing it with the help of the I-Team and an expert on criminal behavior.

We've found what you do goes a long way to control what the bad guys do. The I-Team sent dozens of surveys to convicts and we caught up with Dr. Jane Gray with The Ohio State University.

*Watch the report above for more. Check out safety tips from Dr. Gray below:

    • Make burglars feel they have eyes on them: Keep lights on inside and around a home; keep hedges trimmed to limit hiding places, and consider alarm systems
    • Be aware burglars strike when you may not expect: Often, crooks will break into homes in the morning when people leave for work or even on Sunday mornings when people go to church
    • Location matters: Burglars often like to hit corner homes because they’re easier to drive around and “case” ahead of time, and they’re easier to get away from after the crime
    • Don’t make yourself a target: Don’t walk through a dark parking lot engaged in a cell phone call without being aware of what’s going on around you
    • Make criminals think twice: Research has shown the more you can make a criminal think there’s a chance he may get caught, the more likely he’ll move on to another target

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