Boy and dog with special needs form special bond

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It is video that is sure to put a smile on your face.

A dog, who lost a leg after being abandoned on a railway line, greets a little boy, who is living with a rare genetic condition, after he gets home from school.

The video has been seen by nearly 300,000 people since it was posted a few days ago.

The dog’s name is Haatchi. He is a 3-year-old Anatolian Shepherd. According to his Facebook page (yes, he has his own Facebook page), Haatchi was rescued back in January of 2012 by a family in the United Kingdom. He was abandoned on a railway line in North London and hit by a train. The impact severed off the dog’s tail and severely injured his rear left leg. Haatchi managed to stagger away and tucked himself between some tracks as trains rolled over him. He was eventually spotted by railroad workers who got him immediate medical care. Due to infection, Haatchi’s leg had to be amputated. Six weeks after his surgery, Haatchi was adopted by Colleen Drummond and Will Howkins.

That’s where he met Owen Howkins, who is known as “Little Buddy” or “Little B.” Owen is Will’s son and Colleen’s step-son. He lives with a rare genetic condition called Schwartz Jampel Syndrome. It causes his muscles to permanently tense. Because of it, he needs a walker or wheelchair to get around.

Owen and Haatchi formed a special bond, which was the inspiration for a book called “Haatchi and Little B: The inspiring true story of one boy and his dog.” Owens parents say their ultimate goal with the book and Facebook page is to raise awareness of Schwartz Jampel Syndrome and to adopting rescue animals.