Convicted sex offender accused of peeping in windows on Cleveland’s east side

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CLEVELAND- A convicted sex offender now has been charged with voyeurism for peeping into a bedroom window and mimicking a sex act.

Cleveland sex crimes investigators have charged 58-year-old Michael Grant.

Court records show the incident happened on Remington Avenue on the city’s east side. Police said people inside the house saw Grant, ran out, and found him with his pants unzipped.

“It’s a shame people go through such deep depths just to (pause) to do….I don’t even know what to call that,” said Donta Jackson.

Jackson and his fiancé were just heading to bed, after tending to their young son and opening a window because of the warm weather.

He said his fiancé noticed the man first but then he saw him peering through their window.

“I was actually face to face with the guy,” said Donta. “I’m like ‘hey, hey’ and he jumped up and he ran.”

The couple ran outside after the man, and neighbors, stirred by the commotion joined their pursuit.  Several neighbors reported seeing the man in their neighborhood previously peering through the windows, including Donta’s soon-to-be 16-year-old sister-in-law.

“People are scared to open their windows because he’s been peeping around here before,” said Donta.

Once he grabbed the suspect, Donta held the man until police arrived.

According to court records, the suspect has been in and out of trouble for years starting in 1988 with drug charges. He’s also been charged with aggravated burglary and most recently served seven years in prison for burglary and gross sexual imposition after sneaking into a home and molesting a woman in 2004.

He was released in August of 2011 and is still under “post release control” for that case.

Donta Jackson and his neighbors hope he is properly punished for his most recent alleged actions and/or receives help for the behaviors they said they witnessed.

“I hate things of that nature,” said Jackson, “Because I have a mother; I have a daughter; I have sisters and I would hate for that to happen to them.”

As of Monday night, Michael Grant was still being held at the Cleveland City Jail.

Just last week, Fox 8 reported on another man charged with trespassing for looking into a neighbor’s bedroom window on the west side as children had gone inside to change into swimsuits.