‘I am dying within the next months’: Terminally ill mom asks court to let her die her way

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VALENCIA, California-- A woman with terminal cancer is asking courts in California to let her doctor give her medication that would end her life, but that would protect her doctor from being prosecuted.

According to PEOPLE, Christy O'Donnell, 46, was diagnosed last summer with Stage IV cancer in her lung that spread to her brain. The cancer has since spread to her liver, left rib and L1 vertebrae.

O'Donnell, who is mother to a 20-year-old daughter, told PEOPLE if new chemotherapy treatments fail, her prognosis is June or July.

In an exclusive interview, she said,

"I am asking the courts for intervention to issue an order so that a doctor can legally prescribe a medication so that I don't have to die painfully, and so that every moment before I die, I don't have to spend afraid and worried about the painful manner in which I'm going to die."

O'Donnell said she was inspired by the late Brittany Maynard to reach out to the group Compassion & Choices, to help her. Maynard, 29, grabbed the national spotlight after publicizing that she and her husband, Dan Diaz, moved to Portland so she could use Oregon’s law to end her life on her own terms. She was diagnosed in January 2014. She died Nov. 1.

"I can't wait. My daughter can't wait. I owe this to myself, and I owe this to my daughter. She's either going to come home and she's going to have to discover my body, or she's going to have to watch me die painfully."

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