‘Give me my ball back’: Woman catches baseball, then gives to little boy…or did she?

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Royals may have won Friday’s game against the Yankees, but it’s the action of one Royals fan that’s making headlines.

MLB.com reports that three years ago, the woman almost caught a souvenir ball at a game, but it was snatched from her grasp at the last minute.

In Friday night’s Royals vs. Yankees game, the same woman is seen on camera during the game snatching a fly ball from a group of young boys. She’s seen kissing her bicep, and then tosses the ball to one of the boys.

But soon after, she appears to turn to the boys and say “Give me my ball back.”

Some are speculating that the woman thought she was off-camera when she said it.

Others think she was just talking to someone else.