Ohio mom grants child’s request: ‘I shaved my daughter’s hair’

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COLUMBIANA COUNTY, Ohio — An Ohio mom named Paige Lucas-Stannard is getting some attention online for an article on her blog written about her decision to shave her daughter’s hair.

The Columbiana County girl named Aellyn Stannard made the request after watching her father, Pete, and her brother, Boston, shave their heads.

Aellyn’s parents said ‘yes,’ thinking she would just forget about it.

That’s not the case — in the blog, Paige said”she talked about it the rest of the day and the next.”

Paige said in her blog:

“This wasn’t a hard decision or even a big deal to her. She’s never been told how “girls are supposed to look/act” because we parent outside of sexist stereotypes whenever we can* (I wrote the book Gender Neutral Parenting if you are new here). We talk about sexism a lot and I told her the morning before we cut it that some people think girls shouldn’t have shaved heads. She said, “no way. Girls can have their hair anyway they want.” I said I know but some people might say something about it or call her a boy. She said, “That’s ok mom, I’ll just tell them I’m a girl.”

Paige said every part of her was screaming ‘no’ and “I wanted to fawn over how beautiful her hair is.”

But ultimately, Paige decided she did not want to use love to manipulate her daughter or force her to follow gender norms.

Paige went along with what her daughter wanted and said she Aellyn looks beautiful bald.

Read the entire blog entry by clicking here.

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