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Ohio Air Force base steps up security as U.S. increases threat level

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DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in southwest Ohio says to expect bigger delays at base gates because of added security measures.

The U.S. military has increased the threat level at bases across North America. Officials say the boost will likely mean heightened vigilance and more random bag or vehicle checks.

Base spokesman Daryl Mayer says new measures are meant to increase unpredictability in the base’s security. The Wright-Patterson security threat level has been raised from the lowest level, Alpha, to Bravo, the next higher level.

Mayer says delays at gates and for people seeking base personnel services are expected.

The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force canceled a spring concert scheduled Friday night along with some special tours because of the base’s measures. The museum will continue normal operations.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base