Watch: Snorkeler discovers ‘skeleton tea party’ 40 feet under water

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CIENEGA SPRINGS, Ariz. (KPHO) — A snorkeler who thought he had found human remains in the Colorado River actually came across fake skeletons sitting in lawn chairs.

One skeleton was holding a sign that indicated they were placed there in August 2014 in an area of the Cienega Springs boat launch in La Paz County.

Sheriff’s deputies met with members of the Buckskin Fire Department, who sent one of their divers down to investigate near a loading dock near Park, AZ.

The diver who located the bogus remains described the scene as “an underwater tea party.”

“Someone went to a lot of trouble to make sure they didn’t go floating away,” La Paz County Sheriff Lt. Curt Bagby said.

The lawns chairs the skeletons were seated on were tied to rocks.