St. Ignatius High School warns parents, one student diagnosed with mumps

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CLEVELAND – Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland is following health protocols after a student was diagnosed with mumps.

In a letter to parents, the high school notes that the student is no longer attending classes. The letter informs parents that only one student has not received any vaccination and that student will not be allowed to return to school until he receives the required dose.

According to the high school, two other students have received only the first of two required dosages of the vaccine. They can stay in school, but if another case of mumps surfaces, those students will not be allowed to complete the school year.

Swelling, fever with headache, earache and a loss of appetite are the main symptoms of mumps. The school letter tells parents that if a child develops any of those symptoms, the student must remain home until five days after swelling began.

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