Police release details on Lakewood woman accused of killing daughter

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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio -- Police shared details about the arrest of a 45-year-old mother accused of murdering her daughter during a news conference on Wednesday morning.

Janet Tyburski (Photo courtesy: North Ridgeville Police Department)

Janet Tyburski (Photo courtesy: North Ridgeville Police Department)

Janet Tyburski, of Lakewood, was arrested by North Ridgeville police Tuesday. She is charged with one count of murder for 26-year-old Rachele Tyburski, but police did not share a motive.

Police said Janet suffocated Rachele at Janet’s Lakewood home. She then dumped Rachele's body in a field off of Victory Lane in North Ridgeville in the early-morning hours of March 15. The remains were found later that day.

After the discovery, police released photos of the victim's tattoos, in hopes of identifying the woman. Police said Janet called Lakewood police once she saw the information on Fox 8 News and told authorities the deceased woman was her daughter.

Janet Tyburski was arraigned Wednesday morning. No bond was set.

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Jen Steer May 6, 201510:02 am

North Ridgeville Mayor David Gillock thanks the North Ridgeville Police Department for their work and introduces Det. Greg Petek.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:03 am

Petek says from the time Michelle’s body was found and even today, we continue to work hard and follow up on leads.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:04 am

In the early morning hours of March 15, Janet transported Michelle’s body to the field, Petek says.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:06 am

Credit is given to Lakewood, Cleveland and Oberlin police, as well as FBI agents and Ohio BCI.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:07 am

Police say they didn’t know where the crime occurred, putting them behind on the investigation. Officers were personally offended that someone had the nerve to just dump a body, one North Ridgeville officer says.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:10 am

Lorain County Coroner Dr. Stephen Evans says the victim died of suffocation. She suffered contusions to her head and chest that were likely caused by the suffocation.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:11 am

Police say they believe no one else was involved in the murder, but it’s possible that Janet had help moving the remains.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:12 am

Police say it’s unusual for a mother to be involved in the murder of her own daughter. Officers have spoken to Janet, but they did not disclose a motive.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:14 am

Petek says they spoke to several people and followed several leads before Janet’s arrest. He wouldn’t say if she was surprised when officers arrived at her home.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:14 am

Petek says when there are discrepancies in stories, police can narrow down a suspect.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:16 am

Petek says Janet called the Lakewood police department after seeing the broadcast about then-unidentified remains. Janet told them the description matched her daughter.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:16 am

Janet has been charged with one count of murder.

Jen Steer May 6, 201510:17 am

Police say it appears the field in North Ridgeville location where the body was left was random.