Download: Do you compare cell phone plans before renewing or switching?

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T-Mobile is encouraging customers to ‘never settle’ in a new ad campaign.

The ‘Never Settle Trial’ was launched Tuesday exclusively for Verizon customers, according to a T-Mobile press release.

The campaign focuses on ‘never settling’ on being penalized for using too much data, being locked into a contract, having to pay to leave a company, waiting to upgrade your phone or being overcharged when outside the country.

With the trial, Verizon customers can port their number to a new T-Mobile smart phone. After the trial, if they want to switch to T-Mobile, the company will pay off any of Verizon’s early termination fees.

Verizon told Entrepreneur in a statement about the campaign:

“Verizon’s sustained, aggressive investment in network technology means we don’t have to hide from the truth behind marketing campaigns. Respected third-parties using scientific methodology assess our customers’ network experience, and tell our story for us — most rate the Verizon network as fastest and most reliable.”

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