Audio reveals last few moments before deadly plane crash with 7-year-old survivor

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In January,  7-year-old girl Sailor Gutzler was the only survivor of a small plane crash in Kuttawa, Kentucky.

Her mother, father, sister and cousin all died and she managed to climb out, trek a mile through the woods and get help from a stranger.

ABC News obtained the audio files from the last few moments before the crash occurred, you can hear Sailor’s father asking for help.

“I have got problems,” Gutzler is heard saying, “I need to go to the nearest VFR airport. The engines are not producing power. I don’t know what’s up.”

“I see it,” Gutzler replies as the radio signal seems to be cutting in and out. “OK, I don’t know what the hell’s going.”

Gutzler next says that he sees the airport and he has five people on board.

The radio controller next tells Gutzler he has lost his radar signal.

The small plane then crashed and the National Transportation Safety Board said the plane “was substantially damaged when it impacted trees and terrain during a forced landing near Kuttawa, Kentucky.”