Akron Children’s staff gets ready to move precious cargo

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AKRON, OH --There's a lot going on in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Akron Children's.

The staff here is getting ready to move some very precious cargo.

"We've been meeting and planning for about six months and on Friday we ran four simulations," said Director of Nursing for Neonatal Services Christine Young.

She said all of the babies are being taken to the new NICU. It's over on the other side of the hospital. So to get there, they have to go down an elevator, through a few hallways and up another elevator. They are monitored every step of the way.

"Each baby had a medical team do an assessment of them this morning and determine what the right make up of the team was, so whether it was a transport team, nurses, respiratory therapists, each baby had their own unique team based on their needs," she explained.

Many parents showed up to help with the move.

Chanel and Ensley Thomas came all the way from Warren. Their daughter, Kensley, was admitted to the NICU back in January.

"She was micro aspirating in January and they sent her over here and she had to be re-tubed and she got her trach in March, March 2nd and we're working now towards getting her home," said Chanel.

Ensley said he was a little nervous about switching rooms at first, but he said it ended up going just fine.

"My main focus was just to watch her, but as they were pushing her around she was going like 'wheeeee' and her hands were all up in the air," he said while laughing.

The rooms were designed with parents in mind.

Young said they wanted to make them as comfortable as possible.

"Each room is a single family room, except for our twin room where we can put twin siblings in the rooms. So each family has an area for themselves to watch TV or take a break and then be as involved in the babies care as they're able to," she said.

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