Family and friends gather to remember five killed in Cleveland home

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CLEVELAND—Several months have gone by and still no arrests have been made in the brutal murders of five people, including an unborn baby.

On Saturday night, people gathered on Cleveland’s east side to remember those victims and they also want to take care of the ones left behind.

"Somebody knows something, we just want them to come forth, and just tell who did this, how could you sleep at night knowing that you killed babies,” said Patricia Johnson, who is related to many of the victims.

Sherita Johnson, her unborn baby, Sherita’s 19-year-old son, Ja’rio Taylor, his friend, 17-year-old Shaylona Williams, and the mother’s boyfriend, 60-year-old Lemon Bryant were all killed back in November of 2014.

Police said a masked man shot and killed them all at a home near East 92nd Street and Wade Park Avenue.  In addition, Johnson’s 9-year old daughter was also shot, grazed in the chest, but she survived.

The group who gathered on St. Clair Avenue on Saturday said the crimes are disgusting and heartbreaking.

"We've got to stick together, we've got to come together, we can't let this rest,” Johnson said.

"Pure heart, she was a mother first, up for anything, a pure heart,” said Delray Sanders, who is Sherita’s brother.

Having a gathering like Saturday’s holds special significance for the loved ones as April 29 would have been Sherita's 42nd birthday.

The group formed a circle and held balloons.  As they prayed they spoke about demanding justice.

They also raised money for Johnson’s children who are left without a mother.

At this point there have been no arrests in the case.

"They killed five people and they killed two of my grandkids and my daughter no I'm not going to sit back. If I have to walk the streets of Cleveland, I'm going to do that to find out who killed my kids,” said Johnson.