Runner shot by BB gun along the Summit County Metroparks Towpath

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(Akron, OH) – Northeast Ohio runners are on alert tonight, after a fellow runner is shot inside the Summit County Metroparks.

It was a single shot, that stopped Gordon Berger in his tracks.

"It was 8-miles into my run, and I noticed it immediately," says Berger.

It happened last Saturday afternoon, along the towpath, just north of the Memorial Parkway trailhead in Akron.

Gordon, 38, says he heard a loud click, and noticed immediately he had been struck in the left leg, just above his knee by a BB pellet.

The shot broke skin, but no further damage done.

Berger says he then screamed out to the shooter, who was about 40-feet away in some nearby woods, but could not get a clear description of the suspect.

Berger says, "I kind of yelled something at them. whoever it was. what did you yell? I don't exactly recall."

Berger warned passing runners, bikers and walkers , but did not hear any other shots after he was hit.

After completing his 22-mile run, Berger reported the incident to Metroparks rangers.

And now, several days after the incident, and with no arrests, those who use this stretch of the towpath are on alert.

Keith Jones says, "I am shocked. somebody got shot with a BB gun."

But many say the incident will not keep them away.

Paul Jaeger says, “I hope it's an isolated incident, if there are more reports then it might but it's not gonna stop us now."

As for the status of the investigation, Berger says, “They didn't give me any indication that this was something that happened before. so they're obviously keeping their eyes open. that's what I know."

The Summit County Metroparks would not confirm if they have any suspects, only saying they'll continue to patrol the towpath with rangers and volunteers.

As for the victim, he says he's been running along this towpath for several years, and will continue to do so.

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