Investigation continues after one death in fire on Cleveland’s east side

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CLEVELAND - An investigation continues into a fatal fire on Cleveland's east side.  There appears to be some unusual circumstances regarding the death of one man.

From the outside, there is no visible evidence of a fire that took the life of a man in an apartment on the 13th floor of the Ambleside Tower.   Cleveland firefighters responded around 11am Saturday after a man in an adjacent apartment smelled smoke. Cleveland Fire Spokesperson Larry Gray said firefighters arrived to find the fire had self-extinguished. "Once we got into the apartment, there was no smoke, there was no fire," he said.

According to Gray, it was the neighbor who helped firefighters get into the man’s apartment.  "He climbed over the balcony from his apartment, over the balcony into the apartment and let us into the gentleman's apartment,” Gray added.

Gary said the man was found dead on the floor on his apartment.  It's believed he lived alone and was a smoker. "At this time, it doesn't appear that there was anything suspicious in this situation,” Gray said.

Ambleside Tower is a Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority apartment complex with 200 units.   Gray said the smoke detector never went off and no one was evacuated. Tonette Hall was among most of the residents who didn't even realize there was a fire. "For a person to be on fire, something ain't right. Something just ain't right.  It's not adding up," Hall said.

Gray said the cause of the fire remains undetermined.  Investigators are also awaiting the medical examiner’s ruling on the cause of the man’s death.

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