Truck carrying more than 40 million bees overturns

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LYNNWOOD, Washington - A semi-truck carrying more than 40 MILLION bees overturned on a Washington state freeway this morning, sending angry bees to freedom with rush hour approaching.

According to KCPQ, the Q, the truck blew a front tire and overturned around 4 a.m. Seattle time, spilling 448 honey bee hives onto their sides on the roadway. The bees were calm at first, but as the early morning air warmed up, they became more and more agitated. Firefighters were on the scene spraying the bees with water, and a local company suited up in an attempt to calm and remove the bees.

The driver of the truck was not injured. Officials warned removal of the bees could take hours. They also encouraged drivers to roll up their windows and close vents while driving by, as a number of people have reported being stung.

A local beekeeper called the crash a “big blow” to the local bee ecosystem. Thousands of dead bees littered the ground by 7 a.m. However, as long as the queens are alive, lots could be saved, he said.