I-Team exclusive: Middle school students accused of sending hundreds of nude photos to each other

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NEW LONDON, Ohio - Scandal in small town Ohio, where middle school children are being investigated for sending hundreds of nude photos to each other.

Police in New London, south of Norwalk, told the I-team's Lorrie Taylor as many as 25 middle school children have admitted to sending or receiving nude photos of fellow students.

The investigation began Monday night when a group of parents reported the crimes to police.

Police said the students involved are in the 8th and 9th grades at New London Middle School. It is possible children from other schools are also involved.

Lt. Joe Hicks said as many as 300 pictures were passed back and forth between October and November of 2014.

He said neither the police nor school officials have seen the photos because students deleted them from their phones, but he said  there's no doubt they existed at one time.

"From what we're being told, these pictures were probably taken in the privacy of the child's home, maybe in their bedroom,” said the Lieutenant.  “Their faces aren't attached to the pictures because they are from the shoulder down,” he said.

New London police will take their findings to the Huron County prosecutor for possible charges. At least two dozen middle school students could be charged with disorderly conduct.