Vicious fight: Video shows woman getting knocked out at Cleveland gas station

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CLEVELAND-- Video from outside of the Gas U.S.A station at East 123rd and St. Clair in Cleveland shows a fight that quickly escalated, resulting in a woman getting knocked out with just one punch.

The video shows three cars pulling into the station just before 3 a.m. on Tuesday.

A woman gets out of one of the cars, approaches a second and in that instant punches are being thrown.

The two women involved are seen rolling on the ground exchanging blows while another two women also start fighting in the background.

Two more people also start fighting with punches and kicks being exchanged.

Employees of the store are seen coming outside to try and calm things down to no avail.

A man is seen walking into the brawl and throwing a single right-handed punch that instantly drops one of the women rendering her unconscious.

"These guys are pretty tough to work third shift in this neighborhood. They are tough guys and that's all they wanted to do was go out there and help those guys because the young lady that got hit in the face was uncalled for," said Muhammed Widdi.

Detectives with Cleveland police were reviewing the video on Tuesday trying to identify the man who threw the punch.

The woman who was hit stayed on the ground unconscious for about eight minutes until she was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where she was treated and released.

What fueled the exchange is not known, but there is speculation that the fight spilled over to the gas station parking lot following a minor car crash that happened somewhere else.

The cameras show one of the cars, driven by the man who threw the final punch, was damaged.

"We have a high-tech system that will catch license plates faces, face recognition. I mean it's a really great system and they are not going to get away with what they did," said Widdi.​