Remembering Cleveland legend, Dr. Estus Newberry

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CLEVELAND - Dr. Estus Newberry was linked to a glorious past in Cleveland and used it to help shape the lives of thousands of the city's students and athletes as a dedicated teacher and coach.

Newberry passed away on March 28 and will be laid to rest on Saturday.

As a young man, he was a track star at East Tech - following in the legendary footsteps of Olympic champions Jesse Owens and Harrison Dillard.

He qualified for the 1956 Olympic trials, but his greatness was to come here at home as both a teacher and a coach.

"He took his athletes who were rough and he made good young men out of them," said Judge Ed Wade of the Cleveland Municipal Court. "He was my mentor."

An avid chess player who volunteered time to teach the game to children, Dr. Newberry lived life as if he was answering important questions.

"How can you impact the world and make a difference?" recalled his daughter, Wendy Newberry Smith.

She added her father always looked at how he could help others, believing that, "By giving of yourself to others, it inspires them that they can succeed, and they will."

"He loved Cleveland, he loved his community, he loved his people, and he loved his family more than that," said Leonard Jackson, commissioner of athletics at the Cleveland Municipal School District and a long-time friend.

Dr. Newberry is a member of the hall of fame at both East Tech and Baldwin-Wallace, and was inducted into the Greater Cleveland Hall of Fame.