City hall secrecy surrounding Cleveland police shooting internal review

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Two suspects were killed after police chase on Nov. 29, 2012.

CLEVELAND- The Fox 8 I-Team is asking why Cleveland city leaders are refusing to answer questions about the internal investigation into the 2012 police shooting that ended with officers firing 137 shots and killing two people.

On Monday, officer Michael Brelo will go in trial for criminal manslaughter charges, but 13 officers fired shots in this case. Many months ago, the city began an administrative review for any internal discipline.

The I-Team has repeatedly asked the mayor’s office and the police chief’s office what’s going on with that review. Our questions have either gone unanswered, or we’ve simply been told the review is “still ongoing.”

We do know a police committee has been reviewing what happened. Ultimately, if there is any recommendation for discipline, that will be forwarded to the chief or the safety director for a final decision. However, even questions about the committee’s schedule are not being answered.

So more than two years after the shooting, the city is keeping its internal review secret. We’ll stay on it.

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