Man cancels funeral when he beats cancer, re-books church for his wedding

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WALES – When Sean McCabe was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, he had to put his life into perspective and start preparing for the end of the road, according to the Daily Mail.

He was only 28 when he was diagnosed, but with a partner and three kids, preparing his own funeral wasn’t easy.

He wrote a letter saying goodbye to his kids, and he began preparing his own funeral to ease the pain on his family. He picked a church, music and even where to spread his ashes.

He went through extreme chemotherapy, but the cancer came back more aggressively and he was told he only had 8 weeks to live.

He continued to fight and miraculously his cancer went into remission.

Instead of letting the church go to waste, he and his partner decided to finally tie the knot and complete their family.

His partner, Lisa Williams told the Daily Mail: “It’s been a real roller coaster ride, but I’m thrilled to finally being married to the man of my dreams.”

The couple has been together 12 years and is excited to finally take this step together with their children involved.