Man convicted of murdering a woman in 1984 will remain in jail as he awaits new trial

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CLEVELAND - Convicted killer Anthony Apanovitch will stay behind bars while an appeals court reviews a judge's decision to grant him a new trial.

Apanovitch was convicted in 1985 for the brutal rape and murder of 33-year-old Mary Anne Flynn, a nurse who had hired him to paint her Cleveland house.

Recently, Judge Robert McClelland ruled that DNA evidence entitled Apanovitch to a new trial.

Prosecutors vigorously objected, and say the DNA actually shows there's just a 1 in 285 million chance that Apanovitch is not the killer.

McClelland had set bond for Apanovitch at $100,000. But Prosecutor Tim McGinty's office appealed, and the 8th District Court of Appeals stayed the bond.

That ruling has the effect of keeping Apanovitch in jail at least until the appeals court has heard arguments in the case.

McGinty's office says it considers the decision an important ruling for public safety.