These 15 baby names used to be popular, but not for much longer

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Courtesy MGN Online

Some of the most popular baby names are on their way out, and each of these listed names were given to only five children each last year. the lowest number counted by the Social Security Administration, according to the Huffington Post.

Alpha: Back in 1880, when baby names started getting recorded, it was number 301. It fell off the top 1000 list in 1944 though.

Barbra: The name gained traction in the 1960s from Barbra Streisand and was it’s highest at number 511. It fell of the top 1000 in 1971. Barbara is still in the top 1000 though.

Claudine: It remained in the top half of the top 1000 through a good portion of the 1900s, bumping up in the 70s from singer Claudette Longet.

Nanette: It peaked in 1956 and remained in the top 1000 until 1977.

Sheba: It’s virtually gone,¬†coming from the longer name, Bathsheba.

Sondra: It kept itself in the top 1000 from the 20s until the 80s.

Thisbe: It never ranked in the top 1000, but it was recognized for it’s ancient and mythological meaning.

Zelma: It almost broke the top 200 in 1902, but it’s moving¬†out rapidly.

Elmo: About 100 years ago, it ranked 247 and stayed until the 50s. The creation of the toy hindered it’s popularity.

Icarus: It never broke the top 1000, but has strong Greek meaning as being known for flying too close to the sun.

Inigo: The medieval Spanish version of Ignatius ranked 602 nationally, but has never ranked that high in America.

Llewellyn: Appearing on the American list for many decades, it fell off in the 40s. It remains popular in Wales.

Remus: The founder of Rome never had his name crack the top 1000, despite it’s notoriety.

Sherwood: It peaked at 533 in 1938, but has fallen downward since.

Waldo: It peaked at 347 in 1881.

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