Jobs saved as Hugo Boss plant is sold to an American buyer

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BROOKLYN - The Hugo Boss plant, on the verge of closing twice in the past five years, has now been sold to an American buyer who says their vision is for the long-haul.

"It's a great feeling" says Sheila McVay, a 33-year veteran of the plant, "because we have a job."

In December, Hugo Boss announced it would close the plant, costing about 180 people their jobs."

"We were scared to death," says U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.

Brown's office began helping Boss try to find a buyer to save the plant - and its jobs.

The pieces fell into place when the W Diamond group - makes of the well-known Hart, Schaffner, and Marx suits in Chicago - agreed to purchase the plant.

Those same suits will now be made in Brooklyn.

"W Diamond is a family company; we don't report to Wall Street," says CEO Doug Williams.

Williams says that helps his company plan with the long-term in mind.

He also said that his company's Chicago plant is now producing at over-capacity, and that adding the Brooklyn facility will help.

"We think there's an advantage to being American made," he said.

Wages and benefits are expected to stay about the same for the 160 union workers.

A final union contract is expected to be worked out in the next few weeks.