One man pleads guilty, another heads to trial in Jim Brennan case

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A hearing for two of four men charged in the murder of a Cleveland Heights restaurant owner happened late Friday afternoon.

Devonne Turner chose to plead guilty on all charges after a plea deal from the state was offered, but Devonne did not meet the conditions of it. That deal would have been life in prison with a chance of parole after 37 years.

Devonne faces up to 200 years in prison on all charges if the judge gives him the maximum sentence on all counts.

"He did not want to put the Brennan family through, what would have been a horrible trial for them, hearing all the details of their loved one and his loss of life, so he decided to plea to the indictment and let the judge decide his fate," said Devonne Turner's defense attorney David Grant.

"From day one, he's expressed to us how badly he feels about what happened, this is a man that served six years in the Navy and had no criminal record prior to this incident," Grant said.

The judge and Devonne's lawyers are set to meet at a later time to choose a sentencing date.

Paul Turner elected to not take the state's plea deal, which offered him a sentence of 16 and a half years total. Paul chose to head to trial on March 25.

Prosecutors say Jim Brennan, the owner of Brennan's Colony, was murdered during an apparent robbery at his restaurant in June 2014.

Earlier this month, co-defendants Darien Jones and Brandon Jones pleaded guilty to charges including aggravated murder, murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary and felonious assault.

Darien Jones was the alleged shooter.

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