Police searching for Alliance man after he lead them on high-speed chase in Rocky River

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ROCKY RIVER  -- Rocky River Police are looking for an Alliance man that led them on a high speed chase through the city streets.  It all started at Lowe’s on Sunday afternoon after a woman who was fearful of her husband hid in the bathroom and asked employees to call for help.  When police arrived, they located the husband but he was in no mood to talk to police.

“Is that the guy walking away?” Police can be heard saying on the dash cam video obtained by FOX 8.

Police try to make contact with the husband, 36-year-old Timothy Cole of Alliance, who jumps in a red Nissan hatchback in the Lowe's parking lot and takes off.  Cole disregards all police orders to stop and immediately heads towards Fairview Park driving at high rates of speed.

“Our whole intention was to just go up there, see what was going on, get the facts and try to ascertain why she felt threatened,” said Rocky River Police Chief, Kelly Stillman.

Cole leads police through residential neighborhoods at high rates of speed disregarding all stop signs.  At one point, Cole nearly collides with a Fairview Park Police car who was assisting in the chase.

“The one officer was northbound on one of the side streets as the suspect vehicle was proceeding east bound and came to a T-intersection right there and ultimately almost broadsided the Fairview Park Police car,” Stillman said.

Cole take his high speed game of cat and mouse to the main roads where he drives through red lights, weaves in and out of traffic, and can be seen driving on the wrong side of the road.

“Any time that type of incident happens, there is danger all around, it’s not like you can chase somebody and there is no danger, that is a false statement, policeman can crash, the suspect can crash, anybody can lose control,” said Stillman.

As Cole approaches Fairview Hospital, “I think I might be able to block him in here," the officer in pursuit radios back to dispatch.

Officers thought this chase was coming to a close, that’s when Cole sped off.  Four minutes into the chase, Rocky River called off the pursuit and the suspect drove off.

“We knew who the individual was, we had his license plate number so there was no immediate circumstances that we chase him to the end of the earth so to speak to make a physical arrest,” Stillman said.

According to police, Cole and his wife were living out of their car because Cole is wanted in Canton on a warrant for domestic violence.  He faces charges of fleeing and reckless operation in Rocky River.

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