Man reunited with brother’s 50-year-old dog tags after they were found in Lake Erie

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MENTOR, Ohio - A Mentor on the Lake man and his Siberian Husky discover dog tags in Lake Erie belonging to an army reservist who passed away more than 50 years ago.

"My brother was my hero and I think about him even for a second every day, " said Vince Minello of Leroy Township.

Vince Minello idolized his older brother John, even though there was a 15 year age difference separating the brothers.  Back in 1961, John was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Last November, Larry Susa and his dog Zeus were walking along Headlands Beach State Park when his dog discovered the Army Reserve dog tag with a silver ring near the shore.

"The more I looked at them start reading them, the name was so legible. At least I'm gonna try, I'm going to hand them in and try and do the right thing,” said Susa.

Larry did the right thing, he and his brother put an ad on Craigslist about the dog tag. Soon after, an investigator from the Coast Guard helped them get in touch with Vince Minello and his family.

Vince says he a little superstitious about the tag being found after all these years.

Vince believes his brother John lost his dog tags while enjoying Lake Erie back in the summer of 1958. Vince says the family is making sure the tags stay where they belong this time.

"Like a gift back to me, it was a good birthday gift cause I just turned 62 last week so I'm tickled to death I got them back. We are gonna make a shadow box frame and put all this in there, display it,” said Minello.

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