Lorain County authorities arrest 30 in family-run cocaine operation

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(Photo courtesy Elyria police)

(Photo courtesy Elyria police)

ELYRIA, Ohio- Thirty people have been arrested for a family-run cocaine ring in Lorain County.

The Elyria Police Narcotics Unit, Lorain Police Narcotics Bureau and the Lorain County Sheriff’s Drug Task Forced started investigating the Burns, Milton and Tillman families for cocaine trafficking in February.

Detectives executed 12 search warrants on Friday and another five on Monday. Elyria police said during the raids, they seized more than 3,300 grams of cocaine, 20 grams of heroin, more than 97 grams of marijuana, five handguns, 10 cars and more than $84,100 in cash.

According to the police department, Jarvis Burns, 33, and his cousin, Travis Milton, 32, ran their drug business out of their grandmother’s Elyria home. All of the suspects are related to each other.

The following people were charged:

(Photos courtesy Elyria police)

(Photos courtesy Elyria police)

-Christopher Craig, 43, of Cleveland
-Bernard Washington, 44, of Cleveland
-Jarvis Ray Burns, 33, of Sheffield Lake
-Travis Lee Milton, 32, of Elyria
-Donald Ray Milton, 51, of Elyria
-Donald Tillman, 36, of Elyria
-Kevin Riggins, 38, of Elyria
-James Edward Williams, 43, of Lorain
-Tynisha L. Johnson, 38, of Elyria
-Amos B. Jackson, 31, of Elyria
-Cleveland Todd II, 38, of Elyria
-James Burns, 33, of Elyria
-Dorothy Tiffany Walker, 28, of Elyria
-Tanniquea S. Gardner, 33, of Lorain
-Grace L Milton, 67, of Elyria
-Cleveland M. Todd Jr., 57, of Elyria
-Ebony R. Craighead, 33, of Lorain
-Grace R. Milton, 46, of Elyria
-Johnny Golson, 43, of Elyria
-Demond Thompson, 34, of Elyria
-Michael Grissom, 20, of Elyria
-Paul E. Wright, 23, of Elyria
-Melanie Bugg, 22, of Elyria
-Sonnyta Rudolph, 36, of Elyria
-Joshua D. Scott, 27, of Elyria
-Antonio T. Ward, 31, of Elyria
-Anthony Barnhill, 22, of Elyria
-Oneta Roberts, 38, of Elyria
-Darryl Johnson Jr., 24, of Elyria
-Jordan Silva, 19, of Elyria