Future of Steve’s Lunch unclear after fire destroyed entire building

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CLEVELAND, OH – Charred remains are all that’s left of Steve’s Lunch on Lorain Avenue in Cleveland.

The diner, known for its hot dogs and friendly atmosphere, burned down on Tuesday.

" I was here and got a call from the waitress up front and she said Steve's was on fire and so I dropped everything and ran down, but it was gone,” said Co-Owner Ed Salzgerber.

He said the fryer caught fire in the kitchen and quickly spread. The building, built back in the 1860’s, didn’t stand a chance.

Everyone inside was able to get out and no other businesses or apartments were harmed.

"It's a big loss for me, but the good thing is that everybody is fine,” said Raul Torres.

He owned the building and said they didn’t have insurance. That wasn’t by choice though. They were told the structure was too old.

Salzgerber said he’s not sure what they’ll do at this point.

"We do have the other location here on Biddulph Avenue in Brooklyn, but we'll see how it goes and see what we can do,” he said.

Steve’s Lunch has been in business since 1955. Seven people worked there including a woman by the name of Angie.

"She was brought over from Greece and learned how to speak English behind the counter and she married one of Steve's sons. She’s been there 38 years,” said Salzgerber.

He said he’s not sure what will happen to their jobs. He’s going to try to move some of them to his other diner in Brooklyn.