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Cleveland Metroparks: Plans in motion for safe swimming at Euclid Beach

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EUCLID, Ohio-  The Cleveland Metroparks said plans are in motion for safe swimming at Euclid Beach. The goal is for a section of the beach to have lifeguards stationed there by this summer.

Kati Kulcsar of Euclid likes the idea. "I think it's such a great asset to have the beach here in this community.  But kids are going to swim where ever they want to swim.  It would be better if it was a safer place," said Kulcsar.

According to Joe Roszak, Cleveland Metroparks chief operating officer, it's a possibility this summer.

"We've had plans in place for months to study the shoreline here at Euclid Beach," said Roszak.

Monday, some members of city council passed a resolution urging the Metroparks to station lifeguards at two of the city's east side beaches.

"What I hear from city council is they want a safe swimming environment here at Euclid Beach and Villa Angela and we want the same exact thing," said Roszak.

Roszak said the Metroparks has been compiling data on the Euclid Beach shoreline since the fall.  The data shows the bottom of the beach is not a smooth slope.

In fact, drop-offs in the shoreline can go from 3-6 feet within steps.

It's a risk for swimmers and lifeguards, as well.

"In the interim, there's only really three options at a public beach: It can be closed to the public; it can be a swim at your own risk scenario; or we can have it guarded.  Or we could have a hybrid of all three of those," said Roszak.

According to the Metroparks, the goal would be to find a section of Euclid Beach that would be safe enough to have lifeguards stationed there in time for summer.