Plugged In: Eliminating daylight saving time?

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Still trying to adjust after losing an hour of sleep this weekend? You’re not alone.

Daylight saving time is a tough adjustment for most people.

Many wonder if it’s even worth doing.

Arizona and Hawaii don’t observe daylight saving time. A lawmaker in Missouri is sponsoring a constitutional amendment that would ask voters whether Missouri should use daylight saving time all the time.¬†Under the measure, Missouri residents would switch to daylight saving time in March 2017 and never turn their clocks back again.

The practice was started in the U.S. during the First World War to save energy. According to Gizmodo, some studies show DST reduces electric usage in the U.S. by less than 1%. Others show it has no effect.

There have also been studies to measure the effects DST has on car crashes and overall health.

What do you think? Should DST be eliminated? Todd Meany is talking about it in this morning’s Plugged In. Read more about it here, and then leave your comments on our Facebook post below.