I-Team: Suspect who fired at Cleveland police was on probation

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CLEVELAND - The I-Team has learned more about the suspect and officer involved in Wednesday’s police shooting.

The man killed by police, 64-year-old Theodore Johnson, has a criminal history dating back to the 1970s. He served time in prison and was still on probation for a recent domestic violence conviction.

The I-Team also obtained a Cleveland police report which states Johnson’s wife went to the Fourth District Police Headquarters saying her husband had a gun and was fighting with the landlord.

The woman told police she was afraid her husband would hurt the landlord.

Police Union President Steve Loomis said when officers arrived Johnson opened fired and struck Officer David Muniz in his bullet proof vest.

Muniz made headline in 2010 when he was disciplined when he and a partner thought a dead body was a deer and didn’t stop.

“You are allowed to make mistakes,” Loomis said. “You are human. He was severely punished for that and he came back, he has a great attitude, and a great work ethic as you can see. And there better not be anyone in the city that doesn’t say that about him.”

Loomis also said another officer at the scene with Muniz had just come back to work two days after being shot in October. Loomis said that officer took Muniz to safety after the shooting, while other officer on scene fired at the suspect, who died at the scene.