Police union to I-Team: Body camera ‘technical problems’ could lead to some delays

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CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I-Team has learned that Cleveland police are running into glitches with a new system of body cameras for officers, and according to the police union, it could lead to delays in getting the cameras issued to officers citywide.

The city recently started training and outfitting police in the Fourth District on the southeast side. However, police quickly learned the video recorded by the body cameras is taking up much more data storage space than expected.  And some officers have reported the process of uploading the video for storage has taken much longer than expected.

Cleveland Police Union President Steve Loomis says the current issues need to be resolved before more body cameras are given to officers.

“There are technical problems to deal with,” Loomis said.

Loomis believes the issues could delay the rollout of the body cameras for at least a month.

City Hall issued a vague statement about the overall rollout timetable. Dan Ball, a city spokesman, emailed the I-Team and said, “I can’t say how long a delay will be if there indeed is any.  The goal here is not to rush the program only to discover inefficiencies later on – rather the goal is to get it right before moving on into other districts.”

Second District officers are the next in line to get the body cameras.  It is unknown when that may happen.

Meantime, officers who have been issued the cameras so far are still using them. Police believe the cameras will show more of what happens during encounters between officers and the public. And police wearing body cameras has become a nationwide trend.

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