‘I can hold my head high’: Mom, daughter with rare wrinkle disorder get matching facelifts

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ROTHERHAM, South Yorks — A mother and daughter who have battled a rare disorder and bullying their entire lives are getting a fresh start after being given free facelifts in the United States.

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Daily Mail reports that Tracey Gibson, 45, and her daughter, Zara Hartshorn, 18, have Lipodystrophy. The disorder causes fat to dissolve beneath their skin, causing wrinkles and the appearance of being much older than they actually are.

About two years ago, Zara underwent a free face-lift in the United States. Her mom was rejected for the surgery by the National Health Service in the UK, but recently was offered the same procedure as her daughter — for free in the U.S.

Gibson said she was teased as a child, called “granny” and “a monkey” her entire life. She has seven kids, and three have her condition.

“Now I’ve got a new lease on life, and I can hold my head high when I walk down the street,” she told Daily Mail. “It was never about looking younger, it was just about having a normal face that I could be happy with and stand to look at in the mirror. I feel like I’m having the last laugh now at everyone who called me names.”

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