Death from a wine glass? Brownstone singer dies in freak accident at home

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LOS ANGELES, California – In what appears to be a one in a million accident, a member of the 1990s girl group, Brownstone, has died after reportedly falling on her wine glass.

According to the website TMZ, 46-year-old Maxee Maxwell died after falling at her Los Angeles home. Her husband found her and called for help.

Police report that it looks like Maxwell fell backward at a doorway between her house and the back patio while holding a wine glass. The glass shattered and when she fell on it, the shards punctured her neck in two different places. Police do not suspect foul play.  An autopsy will be performed to see what caused the initial fall.

Brownstone is best known for the hit “If You Love Me.”

Here’s  the video of “If You Love Me”: