Cavs reportedly want taxpayers to split $140m in Q renovations with the team

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CLEVELAND - Cuyahoga County voters who approved a sin tax extension last May for renovations to major league sports facilities may have thought they wouldn't be asked for money again any time soon.

They may have to think again.

The Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly want $140 million in upgrades to the exterior of the Q - and they may want taxpayers to kick in half that.

Cuyahoga County would only say that it is "aware of a proposal" from the Cavs, which the county called "conceptual" at this point.

In a release, the Cavs said that they have poured "hundreds of millions" of dollars into the Q over the past 20 years.

The team acknowledged the sin tax extension, but added that they "hope to soon move forward with the development of the Q into a Cleveland venue iconic on both the national and international stage."

Former Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald did not favor using taxpayer dollars for the upgrades.

New Executive Armond Budish has not committed either way.

The Cavs say they would not ask for any money from the tax extension voters approved last year - money that is basically designed to go to specific projects.

But the team says that very little of the original sin tax money has been used to pay down the debt on the Q.

The Cavs say most of that money has come from admissions tax on tickets, and general revenue funds.

If there is money left over from the original tax, once the Q has been paid for, that could be money that could be used towards this project.

The county says no decision has been made on the proposal, and no negotiations are taking place.

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