Couple rescues puppy found frozen to ground

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GREENBRIER, Tenn.- A puppy found frozen to the ground in Tennessee is now recovering.

April Dickerson’s husband discovered the dog under the shed in their backyard while he was leaving for work early Tuesday morning. They had to slowly melt the ice around her before they could bring her inside.

“He got her unstuck and brought her in. And she immediately went to the food bowl,” Dickerson said. The dog was missing a patch of fur on her backend.

The family doesn’t know how long the puppy was trapped there, but said people frequently dump animals in their neighborhood.

“I would hope that somebody would have to be in extremely dire straits before they decided to just drop the puppy off,” Dickerson told WKRN in Nashville.

So far, 50 people offered to take in the pup, but the Dickersons plan on keeping her. The family’s husky and the kids are already attached. They are considering naming her Elsa after the queen in the Disney movie “Frozen.”