Year-old boy taken to hospital weighing just 10 pounds

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DENVER, Colo.- A Colorado woman is charged with attempted murder after her 1-year-old son was admitted to the hospital weighing only 10 pounds.

Alicia Zamora, 22, took her son, Jerricho Curry, to the hospital in December. Doctors told police the 12-month-old boy was severely malnourished and would not let him leave.

“He’s just been very thin from the beginning. He was a happy normal kid,”the boy’s grandfather, Chris Marsh, told Fox 13 in Denver. “We did nothing but love him and take care of him.”

Last week, police searched the house, but found plenty of food.

“Being the fact that he was two pounds and we experienced a prior premature baby, it wasn’t as super concern,” said Carol Gonzales, the child’s grandmother.

The child is in the custody of human services. But the family is prepared to fight.

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