Coast Guard struggles to help ship stuck in Lake Erie ice near Conneaut

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CONNEAUT, Ohio- Coast Guard crews are working to free a ship that has been stuck in ice on Lake Erie for days.

The Arthur M. Anderson was headed to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and stopped moving near Conneaut Harbor. The Coast Guard did not say how long the laker has been jammed.

U.S. Coast Guard said its ice-breaking tug, the Bristol Bay, has struggled to get to the stranded vessel, fighting through 8 to 10 feet of ice. It has been outside of Ashtabula for several days.

"When ice freezes just in normal conditions, it's a flat sheet. But what we're seeing in Ashtabula and Conneaut are called wind rows, and that's when ice breaks and is pushed on top of one another and then it gets really thick," Lt. Davey Connor said.

Progress has been so slow for the crew of the Bristol Bay that the Coast Guard delivered 100 pounds of food using a rescue basket Thursday night.

The Bristol Bay is heading back to Cleveland to wait for assistance from the Canadian Coast Guard’s 234-foot icebreaking ship. Once the route to Cleveland is cleared, the two ice-breakers will return to Conneaut to free the Anderson.

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