Calls increase to Cleveland Water Department for frozen water lines

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CLEVELAND- As more record-challenging cold approaches, the Cleveland Water Department wants residents to take steps to prevent frozen pipes.

The water department said call volume has tripled from residents dealing with frozen water lines, and those calls are expected to increase over the next few days. If pipes freeze or break, do not call the water department. Instead, residents should contact a plumber.

“Most frozen lines occur on private property and are the responsibility of the homeowner,” the Cleveland Water Department said in a news release on Wednesday.

Here are a few water winterization tips:

-Detach outdoor hoses to allow water to drain.
-Insulate pipes in areas that are not heating using supplies from a hardware store.
-Seal air vents and cracks, and repair broken basement windows.
-Know where to find the master shut-off valve.

More information from the Cleveland Weather Department here.